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Hello there.

NAME: Aimee
AGE: 20

STRONG POINTS: Hm. I guess what others say about me the most is that I’m nice. I’m probably TOO nice, so it can almost be a fault, but in way I guess I’m comfortable putting others before myself, as I like helping my friends. I’ve been told I’m funny, and I like to joke around and have fun, which means I really don’t take very much seriously unless the situation calls for it. I’m quite laid back like that. But if I need to be serious, I can be firm, and sometimes lose my temper. A bit... BUT I’M NICE RLY. \8D/

WEAK POINTS: I daydream too much,think too much, and probably worry way too much about others, and not enough about me, which means I can get a little stressed. If someone sneaks up behind me, I become the easiest person to scare. That said however, I like horror films, strangely enough. Also I’m not the smartest girl around, but I like to think I’m making up for my lack of intelligence with trying to be a good person. That said I’m pretty good at art, and using my initiative.When all fails, I run.

LIKES: Hanging out with my friend’s and taking purikura. Hobby wise would be drawing and writing. I also cannot be torn away from my mobile phone.

DISLIKES: Being ignored, I can’t understand people who lack decent manners either! Rudeness gets me down as well as liars. Oh and when the sun is shining and I’m stuck in work, just like today.


FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Quatre has always been my favourite pilot. His story interested me the most and I was instantly drawn to his character. Also, it was amusing watching him go a bit crazy. XDD Am I mean? And although he’s the physically weakest of the boys, he has a strong heart, since after everything he went through, he was still able to remain a kind person. Duo is my second favourite. I appreciated his sense of humour and think he’s a strong character. And I like Mariemaia...I may be a bit biased as I like cosplaying her, although I only just started doing that. Okay. Maybe I just like impersonating her voice. XDD Her spoiled know-it-all-at-the-age-of-eight character, amused me to no end and maybe reminded me how I was sometimes as a little girl. O_O;

I’m also a fan of Howard. I’m sorry, but I admire the man for wearing flip flops all the time.

MOST HATED CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Relena annoyed me a lot in the first part of the series as she just become a bit of a stalker with not much purpose. But as her reason with BEING in the series grows, my dislike for her lessens. I can't say I hate any characters really.

IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN THE EVE WAR, WHOSE SIDE WOULD YOU BE ON, AND WHY?: I guess that would depend on where I lived, and my circumstances. Fail that bring on Mariemaia’s army with the hilarious uniform!

PICTURE DESCRIPTION: Let’s see..Recent purikura, gundam themed also. Kinda. I'm on the right!

Thank you!



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