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Operaaaashunnn Meteorr!! XD


I-is this still alive?? Waa. I'm posting!! XD

NAME: Airiz!! X3
AGE: 17

STRONG POINTS: Uh, well they say I'm optimistic, analytical, observant, reliable, and frank. XD For me, though, one of my strong points is having a circle of friends that I know cares for me as much as I care for them. Aside from them being the helium in my mood balloon (really, I just love that carefree and cloud-nine feeling when I'm with them!!), my friends are always there in the times that I need them most. I'm also resilient, a tad bubbly and a tad quirky (which mysteriously magnetizes a lot of people to me). Lots of people say I'm clever, too.

WEAK POINTS: argh, everyone seems to pick on my height. *sniff* I'm always dwarfed by everyone on my group that when anyone outside our circle will look, they'll say I'm the most unreliable 'cause I'm the size of an elementary school brat (I mean, I'm seventeen, but there's a sixteen-yr-old girl in the group that's a LOT taller than me). Aside from that physical flaw, one weak point I can point out is that there are times that I become utterly scatterbrained. I also have this penchant of saying something out loud when I thought I'm only saying it in my mind (and THAT tells a lot to other people). Gawwd, I'm talkative. And oww! CHOCOLATES. My main weakness. can't resist....waa...

LIKES: Waaa. Colors! Anything with lively colors and rainbow, skittl-- *ahem*. Ok. I like anything as quirky or as demented as me, and I love..well, I love my friends. I like people who are open-minded and easy to be with, people who are honest, reliable, responsible, understanding, and uh, those who can tolerate my intense obnoxiousness. I like cats, books. Ahhww. CHOCOLATES!!!

DISLIKES: braggarts. judgmental people.


FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Dorothy, I just love her to death! I dunno. she makes me think: multi-faceted and mysterious, her very personality drags my brain towards her to ponder who she really is. In any form of fiction, I always love complex characters, and she's one I just have to put with the topnotchers of my list. I love Trowa too, 'cause he can say A LOT without speaking a lot. And oh, dear QUATRE. He's my feeetishhhhh!!! X3

MOST HATED CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Hated? Hmm. None really, but just for the sake of answering this, I'll say Quinze. Haha. No reason, I'll just pretend I hate him. XD

IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN THE EVE WAR, WHOSE SIDE WOULD YOU BE ON, AND WHY?: White Fang!! XD Of course I'm more than willing to join an org lead by a gorgeous hunk, and because I just feel like being there. Ahhhr, I dunno. XD


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