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NAME: Kirsty
AGE: Nineteen Twenty

STRONG POINTS: I've been told I'm loyal, polite and well-mannered. Whether the last two are true is another thing entirely :) I try to see the good in people, alongside the bad. I don't judge. I'm very, very affectionate.

WEAK POINTS: I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm a loner, in short I dont like getting too close to people as they just put me on edge. Sometimes I let my fears cloud my judgment. I also tend to become incredibly annoyed when people are rude, to the point where I will be confrontational about it. Manners just dont seem to exist anymore, it seems.

LIKES: Japanese music (rockdancepop), graphic novels, Versailles, going to gigs, skinny jeans, converse, Watchmen, Avenged Sevenfold, horror movies, Lady Gaga, energy drinks, The Picture of Dorian Gray, sleeping, thunderstorms, Supernatural, comic book superheroes, starbucks, reading, honesty, martini, pocky, anime, Stephen King, sleep, milky coffee, The Mentalist, horror movies, slash fanfiction, Little Boots, Dr Martens, listening to the rain as it falls, long walks by the river, my hamster Castiel, my mp3 player, Topshop.

DISLIKES: Spiders, nightmares, those that are shallow minded, dishonesty, liars, a vast majority of people as a whole, politicians, homophobia, the taste of coffee without sugar, being without music, being English.


FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Yeesh... don't ask me to choose, yeah? But if I'd have to... I'd say Trowa. He's strong, mysterious and enigmatic, whilst also displaying his flaws. At times he can also be rather detached, though his friendship with Quatre is oddly heartwarming. Admittedly I'm only now rewatching the series after a good five years; but I liked him then and I like him now. Treize is also a favourite; he's just very gentlemanly. That gets me. Also, Heero's growing on me like mold.

MOST HATED CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: In all honesty there is no character I specifically hate. Relena was annoying as hell when I first watched the series, but on second viewing -- and many, many viewings of Endless Waltz -- even she's managed to grow on me. The kid aint so bad after all.

IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN THE EVE WAR, WHOSE SIDE WOULD YOU BE ON, AND WHY?: Who can tell? I'm known for sitting on the fence, almost morally grey. However, I wouldn't desert my loved ones, regardless of what side they were on. They'd have my support regardless.

PICTURE DESCRIPTION: What can I say? I don't like having my picture taken, and I'm not all that photogenic. You can have a picture, but have a description as well. Essentially, I'm five foot seven, curvy yet not fat, thin but not underweight. I don't like the sun and it shows; I might as well be a vampire. I keep my brown hair in a short bob as it's easier to maintain and I've worn glasses since July. I have no distinguishing features -- boo -- other than a tattoo on my left inner forearm of a blue and black flower.

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