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NAME: Kimber
AGE: 22
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Gemini, the twins!
CHINESE ZODIAC: Tiger, rawr.
STRONG POINTS: I am a hella cool broad, I can be bold and honest with people. I have an awkward charm … I am realistic, if I set a goal I strive to complete it.
WEAK POINTS: Asking for help, bouts of jealous thus sharing significant others and friends—I don’t let them chance on, rather I internalize my jealousy and strive to play it cool. Uh … I also have an addictive tendency.
LIKES: Dancing, learning, reading, making-out, trying new things, smoking, figuring people out, cities, dogs, causing a ruckus.
DISLIKES: Monotony, people who can’t decide what they want—organized religion, people who conform …
DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN ONE WORD: Cunt (*shrugs it’s my favorite word*)
FAVORITE CHARACTER, AND WHY?: Heero Yuy. I adore Relena and Duo- but I think I like them so much because then I can sexualize Heero. I adore Heero from my Psych major <3, his trouble with interpersonal relationships, his brooding aloof loner assertive habits, his relationship with Odin Lowe, and he is hawt.
MOST HATED CHARACTER, AND WHY?: It was Wu Fei forever because I adore Heero so much and I just always assumed they would dislike each other because Endless Waltz … but I like him now!
IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN THE EVE WAR, WHOSE SIDE WOULD YOU BE ON, AND WHY?: Mariemaia’s because of all the hawt soldier boys in short shorts.

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