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Do you still do this here?

Hey, Dour, I didn't realize that you had this comm, subsequently I haven't joined before. Did you really pimp it in your journal when it was created? Anyways. Here goes nothing.

NAME: Gleep
AGE: 28
CHINESE ZODIAC: uh... monkey, I believe? I don't really keep track of these things.

STRONG POINTS: People tell me that I have a strong integrity. I would phrase it as me being stubborn. I stand up for what I believe in in subtle ways. I'm very accepting of other people's opinions and the way they live their life, in part because I know it won't shake my own ideals. Though I frequently come off as a push-over, those who get to know me well enough tend to notice that I have a will of steel and that I'm not easily broken. I'm good at seeing projects through and when I really enjoy a project, I will throw all of my passion into it, inspiring others. I don't have a lot of people I'd call friends, most people I know are more like acquaintances, but those who are friends, I'm unswervingly loyal to. I can adapt myself to a pretty large range of social situations, feeling what sides of myself I should present to fit in, whether it's a company party with the conservative bankers, or a group of Satanists.

I don't trust people. It's hard to get close to me and a lot of people I don't consider friends probably think that I do. I'll lie to steer clear of conflicts. I'm told that I'm a bit self-absorbed; I don't necessarily think it's true, but the idea may come from that I expect much from people. It may not be an excuse that I expect even more from myself. I can be a hypocrite: I judge other people but hate if when it happens to me. I keep grudges forever, and if someone really manages to get on my bad side I can be vengeful and petty.

LIKES: Sarcastic humour, dark stories, animals, being alone, drunken debaucles, porn, the internet, pushing myself past my limits

DISLIKES: Having to hide parts of myself for people to like me, household work, overly busy schedules, snakes, bad food, bad grammar, stupid people, silly people, comic relief in my serious anime/fanfic/RPG


FAVORITE CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Trowa. Because he always keeps his cool and because being raised my mercenaries is one dark tale. And I'm quite imaginative enough to speculate in what sorts of horrors that must mean and what that might do to a child's mind and self imagine. And surviving it, coming out if not sane, but at least collected enough to do the kind of things Trowa do... he must be so strong. And I have always admired psychological strength in people. Determination.

MOST HATED CHARACTER[S], AND WHY?: Noin. Because her crush on Zechs and the kind of things she does for him puts feminism back a hundred years. Make that three hundred years, in AC 195.

IF YOU WERE INVOLVED IN THE EVE WAR, WHOSE SIDE WOULD YOU BE ON, AND WHY?: I wouldn't be involved! Didn't I say I'm shy of conflicts? And I'm pragmatic. I'd do what I had to to live.

PICTURE DESCRIPTION: Look, I don't see what the picture could possibly have to do with rating me and I'm not comfortable posting pictures of myself in open communities. I'm paranoid, after all.
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